Certainty. Reliability.

Diagnostic & Remedial Engineering Services.
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Our engineers are hands on, with extensive experience in the inspection, diagnostics, and remediation of assets that are at the core of our clients’ businesses


Our personal approach to our clients unique needs is backed by our engineering expertise and delivers certainty in our bespoke technical solutions.


Our engineers are ready and able to access structures that others cannot reach – providing acurate diagnostics and practical, hands-on solutions.


Specialist Engineering Consultancy for asset maintenance

Our specialist engineering consultancy services include: – Technical Inspections and Audits – Diagnostic Investigations – Technical Specifications and Tender Administration

– Live Project Stewardship – Project Practical Completion Inspections

Certainty. Reliability.


For more than a decade the Absafe Group have established a reputation as one of the few companies that combine expert industry knowledge with integrity, personable people, innovative thinking and a problem-solving mindset to deliver the highest standard of service delivery.


Expertise. Certainty. Reliability.

We offer services that comprise all aspects of the diagnostic and remediation process. Our business charter is focused on adopting a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to deliver affordable and achievable outcomes. Our range of services applicable to the entirety of a project’s life-cycle include:


Technical inspections Condition audits Focused investigations


Informative Understanding the condition and performance of an existing asset is necessary to being able to make accurate decisions about the future of a structure.  We undertake inspections of assets ranging from building facades to large industrial structures such as cooling towers.  
Our inspections are tailored to our client’s specific requirements and can either be representative, targeted or comprehensive in nature.  We methodically assess building components to identify possible defective/deteriorated conditions and investigate possible deterioration mechanisms to establish cause(s) and consequence(s) – thus permitting the development of practical repair and maintenance strategies formulated congruent with our client’s requirements. 
Regular periodic inspections allow the asset owner to plan and budget for the long-term maintenance requirements of any given structure.  Absafe’s experienced and hands-on approach to inspection work, including our ability to personally access difficult structures, provides the owner with the confidence that their maintenance requirements are informed by first-person, engineering knowledge and practical experience.


Comprehensive Documentation Diagnostic interpretation Risk identification and prioritisation


Understanding In some instances, where visual inspection suggests that deterioration is linked to underlying mechanisms, Absafe’s engineers are equipped and experienced in a range of diagnostic testing methods which are used to pin-point the root cause and develop a full appreciation for the performance and durability of the structure.   Knowledgeable Forms of diagnostic investigation provided on a regular basis include:
– Water leak testing – including infrared/ thermal imaging 
– Concrete testing; Strength, composition, depth of carbonation, chloride content analysis
– ACP sampling and testing 
– Glazing analysis 


Technical specifications Tender documentation and administration  On-site technical guidance


Manageable After inspection and diagnosis, Absafe’s engineering team are ideally placed to specify the technical requirements of works and manage the tender process on behalf of the asset owner.
Technical Specifications form the basis of the Works Under Contract, and nominate scope, methods, materials, and quality assurance necessary to achieve performance.  Options  Absafe engineers are experienced in managing the complete tender process; inviting suitably experienced, qualified contractors to tender, handling technical enquiries, and acting as the owners’ representative for contractual issues.  Tender evaluation reports provide a clear comparison of each tender submitted, and our informed commentary on the tenderer.
Implementation Regular site inspections ensure that works conform to requirements.  Absafe engineers attend and inspect, and remain engaged on a practical level.  Site Visit Reports ensure that all stakeholders remain informed of the status of works.  Site attendance allows Absafe engineers to provide accurate and fair assessments of payment claims. Solved On Practical Completion, Absafe conduct a final, comprehensive inspection of the completed works to assess the final quality and conformance of the  works.  Defects, damages and non-conformances are resolved prior to demobilising from site.


Many recognizable landmarks owe their survival to Absafe care and solutions.

Commercial Tower Facades

400m Spire requires careful skilled maintenance by dedicated access personnel. Whatever construction style, whatever access issue, we can handle it.

Heritage Facades

400m long and 55m high, since the 1920s. The highest standard of care is required. Specialist bridge teams available.


Heart of a community and Victoria’s power for the best part of a century. Just one example of how Absafe keeps Australia working.


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